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Color Consultations

Need help with your color selection? We are the answer you’ve been looking for; Ridings Color Consulting. (We offer) Expert advice, years of experience, and time-tested methods, available to you to ensure you get the right color every time. (Our) Expert color assistance (is) provided in your home for you, your family, and your living space. (to) Assistance in selecting color to maximize your home’s assets and minimize its liabilities.

We know that the right color changes everything: A thoughtfully selected scheme colors will enhance the value of your home, while an inappropriate color on a home’s exterior can ruin the home’s value and the neighborhood. Some colors will give you energy, while others exude calm. We know color, and we can help. We know the subtle differences between a high gloss and a semi gloss, and a royal blue from an ocean blue.

Since 2003, Ridings has offered fee-based, solid- color design to our clients’ homes. Whether it is finding the right exterior color, or designing a 12-scheme, personalized color palette for your home’s interior, we have the experience, the methodology, and the patience to help you. This is why we can help you “find your color” and “love your color.” By appointment only. Sessions are 90 minutes, and cost 395 dollars. For additional details, please call our office.

Expert Consultations

Our world is one of color. Bright hues, dark shades, and vibrant tones structure our environments. Our homes are no different, and we want them to be as unique and gorgeous as the world we inhabit. Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose Ridings for their color design:

  • We are both engineers and artisans

  • We turn dull things into vibrant art

  • We have an eye for what pops

  • We are committed to your happiness

  • We love creating wonderful designs

  • We strive to make spaces elegant

  • We are trained professionals

  • We live to make spaces beautiful

Thousands of colors

In choosing Ridings, you are choosing an experienced company that has an extensive knowledge of the color spectrum. We know how to design spaces to produce certain moods, how to birth new aesthetics into old spaces, and how to add and subtract appropriate colors to do this. While thousands of colors exist, Ridings can help you select the best ones for your home.

In home appointments

Ridings Residential offers in-home appointments to assess what you want done, and how we can help. Consultation appointments are by reservation only, last 90 minutes, and cost $395 dollars. Space is limited. For additional details, please call our office.