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Turn your kitchen into a warm and inviting hearth fit for your family


Beautiful bathrooms built by the hands of experts

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Professional maintenance, repairs and solutions that are made to last 

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Transform your home into a living dream with our design team

Ridings Residential is the Greater Seattle Area’s personal, premier, and trusted boutique remodeler. For 39 years, we have provided the fine homes of this area with the services needed to enhance, embellish, and transform personal living spaces. At Ridings, we carefully attend to one project at a time rather than mass producing the same kitchen or bathroom. We don’t want to be everyone’s remodeler – we want to be your remodeler, and deliver to you a personalized experience.


Ridings Residential Inc.


At Ridings Residential, we believe in the value of our word and reputation. Choosing us means choosing a family of professionals who you can trust. Here are some of the ways that we do business:


Mutual Respect


Constant Communication


Sincere Care


Quality Results

Committed To Our Clients

In today’s world, speed is a virtue, and quality is seldom seen. Here at Ridings Residential, we offer that old-fashioned American service combined with all of today’s technology. Not only do we care deeply about you, your family, and your home, but we do so in ways that hold you and your family higher than successful profit-margins.

  • Quality Proven by Time

  • Unconditional Respect

  • Service with a Smile

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • Specialized Workmanship

  • Confidence in our Craft

  • Held to High Standards

  • Eager to Serve

Attention To Detail

Your home is a special place, and we provide the exact kind of attention that it deserves. With over 200+ years of combined remodeling experience and over 6,000 projects under our tool belt, our team has built a network of clients that trust us in delicately handling their homes.


Our goal is to honor you with timeliness as much as it is to serve you with our expertise. This is demonstrated by our punctual craftsmen, the promises we keep, our constant communication, and our ready availability for you, our exclusive clientele. Yes, there may be those who can promise faster turnarounds, but there are none who will care more, offer better service, and provide the level of communication which has become our trademark here at Ridings Residential.

Creativity & Design

Beauty is not a peripheral value – it is something deeply important to each and every one of us. Providing inspiration, enjoyment, and personal satisfaction in the spaces in which we live, gather and celebrate.

Client Testimonials

"Family Members"

“Amid the chaos, having your crew at the new house feels like “family members” that came to help. They are kind, friendly, humble, experts in their field, and very respectful. They all communicate very well and go above and beyond to ensure we understand what is going on and are at ease.”

L & Y, Innis Arden/Richmond Beach

"What More Could We Ask For?"

“We enjoy recommending Ridings to friends and neighbors. They are always happy with the results and usually let us know how thankful they are for the referral. I look at this as a win – win, for everyone. Our friends the Ridings get the job, our neighbors and friends are thrilled with the results, and we feel good that we could be a small part of other’s happiness. You and your crews just do wonderful work, in a timely fashion, with quality products at a fair price. What more could anyone ask for?”

E & J

"It is Good to Know You are a Phone Call Away"

“We want to recognize you for working so closely with us and listening intently to any and all of our concerns along the way. We appreciate the long- standing relationship and partnership we have with you and your company. The cooktop, pans, and clothing racks you loaned to us were also very helpful. It feels good to always know you and your team are just a phone call away.”

A & S, Sammamish Highlands

"You Kept Your Promise"

“Thank you to you and your crew for creating a beautiful room for us out of a non- functional, ordinary space. You personally visited our home many times with each and every sub -contractor and always ended up with the sentence – “ Jaya we will take care of you”- and you kept your promise.”

G & J, Redmond Ridge

"Giving the Best Quality"

“We want to thank you for sending out Mike and Rex to do more quality control to our fence with such attention to detail! Our fence looks awesome now. It feels like both Rex and Mike are passionate in giving the customers the best quality painting, and we can see they, too, share your work ethics and honesty… such excellent representation of Ridings’ good reputation!”


"Our Home is a Place of Beauty"

“Our remodel is simply stunning from the color choices, the new quartz, new porcelain tile, changing walls, extending showers, making our custom fireplace wall and mantel… we could go on. Thank you, Jon, as the project manager you helped us sleep better at night. Your attention to detail, your custom carpentry, and your wicked smart ability to solve problems was incredible. Thank you all so very much for making our forever home a place of beauty!”

B, Redmond Ridge

"The Best Contractor I've Ever Worked With"

“I remember being told in a business marketing class years ago that you sell 3 things: quality, service, and price, but you can only get 2 out of those 3 things. However, thanks to your generosity, we received all three of them!” I’m not exaggerating when I tell everyone that you are the best contractor that I’ve ever worked with.”

H & S, Redmond

"You Made Our Home More Enjoyable & Valuable"

What we have always appreciated the quality of the work that is done by the Ridings team. Whether it be the painting of our house or a new deck or bathroom, the job is always done correctly and professionally. When we look at each project it is always with respect for the craftsmanship of each job and the knowledge that it has made our home more enjoyable and ultimately more valuable. For that, we are very thankful for our relationship with Ridings Inc.”

E & J

"I Will Contact You Again"

“I’ve enjoyed working with your company and find the concern for the customer and attention to detail has been excellent. Your workers have been friendly, skilled, and professional at all times. I cannot say enough nice things about Jose. His positive attitude, concern, and willingness to please is outstanding. He is a gem for your company! I will contact you again when I am ready for additional work. It has been a great experience and a pleasure working with you.”


"You Listen Intently"

“We want to recognize you for working so closely with us and listening intently to any and all of our concerns along the way. We appreciate the long- standing relationship and partnership we have with you and your company. The cooktop, pans, and clothing racks you loaned to us were also very helpful. It feels good to always know you and your team are just a phone call away.”

A & S

"You Made A Tough Job Enjoyable"

“We are exceedingly happy with the end result of the team’s work. Elliott’s supervision and superb communication made the tough job enjoyable. The other painters (Steve, Goeff and Gunner with help from another Jeff) were cooperative, polite and professional in every regard, as was Elliott. It was a pleasure to have them all in our home: We are delighted and appreciate the good work of all these professionals.

B & S, Redmond Ridge