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Ridings Residential Inc.

About Our Company

There is one difference between professionally and unprofessionally remodeled homes – and that is “love.” Our team of experts are passionate in regard to the performance of each project. This passion drives the process, and you receive our design, craftsmanship, service, and communications infused with love. This is not a clever tag line or hollow platitude. Here at Ridings Residential, we love what we do. Nothing delights us more than turning a serviceable home into a beautiful one.  Just as you can taste the “love” in a homemade lasagna, in the same way you can feel the “love” in a thoughtfully designed and carefully installed kitchen.

From our humble beginnings using a borrowed trailer towed by an Oldsmobile Delta ‘88 with a dent in every corner, to our fully fledged team of tradesmen with over 200 years of combined experience, Ridings Residential has grown over the past 39 years into the Greater Seattle Area’s Premier Boutique Remodeler.

We know that the reason behind our growth lies in the hard earned and time-tested trust between us and our clients. For decades, Ridings has worked to build bridges with our exclusive clientele one day, one call, and one project after another. The end result is that Ridings is proud to have built a super- highway between us and our clientele in trust, mutual respect, and integrity.

Since 1985

For nearly 40 years, Ridings Residential has offered our discerning clientèle the best of what a service company can offer: Value. Through unsurpassed quality and world- class service, the value inherent to our work speaks for itself. Rarely is there anything more disheartening than purchasing an item which breaks within hours of its use, or falls apart only days after it was installed. Value says that it is thoughtful in design, carefully installed, and that when there is an issue we’ll make it right for you in a timely manner.

Local Company

Ridings Residential has been a local company long before the trendy term “shop local” was popular. Being born and raised in Seattle and serving the Greater Seattle Community for nearly 40 years, “local” is who we are and what we do. We have no aspirations of expanding to Bellingham, Portland, Spokane, or across the nation. Instead, we see ourselves as servicing the local neighborhoods throughout the Greater Seattle Area and Eastside. Seattle is our home town, and we love it. We care about it, and we have raised our families here. Being a “good neighbor” has always been who we are. Ridings Residential might have a big influence, but in reality, we are just a small, tight-knit family that aspires to make a positive difference in our community.

Community Involvement

Since Ridings Residential is a local company, we are ingrained in communal life. As such, we view our relationship to our local community and clients as immensely important. Whether it is donating paint as an auction item, sponsoring a little league team, repairing a women’s shelter, or remodeling the sanctuary of a local church, Ridings rejoices in giving back and reinvesting into the community. Our idea of giving back looks like making a difference where it is needed most, and we do so in keeping with Matthew 6:1-5 – in quiet and unseen ways. For others, giving may be accompanied by pomp and fanfare. However, for Ridings, giving back is not a campaign, but rather an action rooted in faith and an extension of who we are.

A Final Word

I fully realize that I work for my clients and their satisfaction is our goal every day, however, even beyond that, I must answer to God as my highest authority in my life. It is God’s satisfaction that I ultimately work for, knowing that if I work to please my God that my clients will be more than pleased in the process. [Colossians 3:23]

Dean Ridings – Owner – Since 1985