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Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Aside from the places where one sleeps, one’s kitchen and bathroom are two of a home’s most vital rooms. Here at Ridings Residential, we understand the relationship between functionality and beauty. As such, we strive to ensure these two important rooms maintain a balance between these two values.

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, stories have been told regarding the level of stress and frustration created by an underqualified, disorganized contractor. We at Ridings are aware of such stories, and we strive to navigate the turbulent waters of remodeling through a high level of customer service, encompassing clear, concise, consistent, communication, masterful craftsmanship, and good-hearted, caring team members. This makes an otherwise unpleasant experience enjoyable, rewarding, and fulfilling.

With over 200 years of accumulated craftsmanship experience, and over 6,000 successful projects, Ridings is more than capable of helping you with your project (conclusion of stories gone sideways). We know how to successfully accomplish a completely unique dream project for you, while building a bridge for long-term relationship success well into the future.

Quality Craftsmanship

At Ridings Residential, we don’t outsource our jobs to contractors. Instead, we employ a full-time team of trained craftsmen whose work we are proud of. By choosing Ridings, we know that you will be proud too. Here are some of things that you can expect from our team:


  • Relationships built on trust

  • Dedication to our craft

  • Comprehensive attention to detail

  • A faithful execution of your vision

  • Courtesy and thoughtfulness

  • Exact and precise construction

  • Deep and meticulous care

  • Continuous communication

Client Experience

There is a reason why over 85% of the projects that Ridings Residential has run since 2020 are for repeat customers: They have received a great finished project at a great value, and recognize us as their preferred choice as a contractor who cares about them and their home.   As a boutique remodeler, we offer a uniquely personal experience in conjunction with masterful services. In letting us serve your needs, you won’t just find your bathrooms and kitchens looking better than ever before, but you’ll be “wowed” by our levels of communication, care, and consideration for your desires and needs.

Since 1985

Ridings Residential has been around for a while now, and we’re more committed to excellent service than ever before. Call us to schedule an appointment and inquire about how we can partner to turn your bathroom and kitchen into a space that represents your tastes & personality, while being highly functional, yet beautiful.

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Ridings Residential Inc.

FAQ’s: Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Where do I start with my bathroom remodeling project?

The simplest entry path is to schedule a complimentary appointment with one of our customer solution reps. They will help to identify design possibilities & discuss your needs. In preparation for the appointment it would be wise to review our website to identify various design themes and features you might like in your bathroom. Pinterest & Instagram might also assist you in finding designs you would like to consider. Finally, please consider your potential budget for the project. This can be useful to make good use of your consulting appointment.

What gets renovated in a full bathroom remodel?

There are two most common options for a bathroom renovation; first, a full bathroom remodel and a partial bathroom remodel. A full bathroom remodel consists of a complete makeover, perhaps even redesigning how the room functions. Some of the elements are retiling the floor and reconsider the tub, repainting, and replacing the shower, toilet, sink, and vanity. It also includes upgrading hardware, lighting, faucets, and other fixtures.

What gets upgraded in a partial bathroom remodel?

Partial bathroom remodels can be something as simple as getting a new shower head to replacing the flooring. This can also include upgrading the shower, converting the tub to a shower, new counter tops with sinks and fixtures and considering the ability to “age-in-place” with grab bars and the like. A partial bathroom remodel is recommended if you are already satisfied with the layout of your bathroom but wish to make it more functional or update the design.

How do I make my small kitchen seem bigger while maximizing cooking and entertaining space?

This can be a fun and rewarding process as the Ridings design team partners with you and begins to reimagine your space with fresh eyes. We are experts at helping you to maximize your space in a new way with the end result of providing you with the needed preparation, cooking and entertainment space. Call us for an appointment with no obligation.

I like my kitchens layout, but I would like to start over with an all new kitchen, is this possible?

Most certainly, many of our clients like the layout of their current kitchen and only wish to update everything with a new fresh look. This is something we do fairly often. We can reface the existing cabinets and reuse them, or start over with new cabinets from our own cabinet shop in North Seattle. The rest of the surfaces like countertops, backsplash, etc. can be replaced, plus we can add some neat new features like pull out shelf systems, under counter lights, better access into the back of the cabinets and perhaps soft-close hinges and a custom designed pantry storage, etc.

What can I expect to pay for my renovation project?

Prices can range greatly depending on the location of the country & the value of the residence. You never want to under value the home with cheap materials & labor which will only devalue the home for the future. A partial bath renovation could start at $20K and move well into $65K or more for a full grand suite remodel. Complete kitchens can start at $75K and move quickly toward $175K or more depending upon the size & design elements & quality of fixtures & cabinets.