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Home Repairs & Handyman Services

Entropy is unavoidable – even a small water leak or a loose wire can have devastating consequences.  At Ridings Residential, our trained team of professional service techs will assess and identify critical problems or possible future issues to ensure your home is well maintained for years to come.  With the intent of treating your home like our own, we attempt to identify possible maintenance items that need to be maintained in order for your residence to continue to  function as a safe and secure home for your family.  The not-so-secret, secret, of home maintenance is that it is always more cost effective to maintain your residence in a proactive manner than to allow simple maintenance items to be big problems costing significantly more in repairs.  

The Ridings service team understands homes and how to make sure they will continue to support you and your family in a trouble-free manner.  Simple home maintenance such as upgrading a light fixture, caulking around windows, or adjusting a door lock, all serve to ensure that your home’s investment will be maintained at a high value for decades to come.  Whether you are looking for a year-round maintenance schedule or once-a-year maintenance or once every other year maintenance the Ridings team is here to help.  

Ridings is here for you when “life” happens

Not all home maintenance can be scheduled.  A freezing pipe & a flooded basement, a tree falling on your roof or leak under the sink – we can help.  Our maintenance team stands ready when you need us.  We can mobilize and move into action when an urgent need arises.  Often our clients tell us they did not know who to trust with their emergency service project and then they remembered that Ridings could help.  With a team of more than twenty members working throughout the greater Seattle area and the Eastside, chances are pretty good that we have someone close by when you need us.  Call anytime and we will do our best to be the only call you need to make in your time of need.

  • Water Intrusion

  • Roof Inspection & Repairs

  • Electrical Troubleshooting

  • Plumbing Alterations

  • Dry Rot Discovery & Elimination

  • Updating Light Fixtures

  • Skylight Flashing & Replacement

  • Drywall Cracks and Repairs

Full Service

Regardless of the job that you need completed, Ridings has your back. Whether it be a fully fledged replacement of your entire kitchen, or you simply need a few of your door’s loose hinges tightened, Ridings will provide excellent service and specific solutions to whatever issues your home is facing.

Experienced Team

When you see our team arrive at your house for repairs, you won’t see a group of questionable, unscreened contractors. Instead, you’ll see our own hand-selected and personally trained team of full-time professionals. Where you might have to worry about your home’s integrity from unlicensed subcontractors used by other companies, Ridings assures you that your experience with us will be one free from angst, and one full of satisfaction.

Your Local home services partner

Ridings Residential is your personal home-maintenance partner;  Big Enough to Get Right & Small Enough to Know Your Name.

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Ridings Residential Inc.

FAQ’s: Home Repairs & Handyman Services

I have a front door that sticks - do you do small projects?

Yes, we are happy to take on small projects. Much of our work is limited to small projects. Please note that we do have a four hour minimum.

I would like to change out a ceiling fan and add a few lights in my study. Is this something you can do for us?

Yes, as a licensed general contractor we are able to perform these types of electrical upgrades with an issue. No problem.

I have new quartz countertops being installed in two weeks, but I need help with the sink, faucet, and disposal hookups. Can you assist us with this project?

Yes - plumbing connections like these are something we do all the time. We perform this type of work just charging you for the amount of time invested to perform the work.

My new wall oven I have ordered won’t fit in my existing kitchen cabinets. Do you have a cabinet maker who could help me?

Yes - we have our own cabinet shop in North Seattle and custom make every type of cabinets from small to large. We can either modify the existing cabinet box or build a new one if needed.

I was recently at my daughter’s home that was newly remodeled. She has nice lights in her kitchen that provide ambience light from under the cabinets in the evening. Is this something you can install at my home?

Yes - we upgrade kitchen lighting such as this all the time, it will make the home feel much warmer and provide lighting while working in the kitchen.

I was putting our deck furniture out last week and I noticed that my deck has some soft spots with rotten wood. Can you replace these boards?

Yes - we can assess the wet-rot and discuss the best solution; whether we replace a few boards or resurface the deck. Some of our clients have decided to move towards the low maintenance solution of a new composite deck.