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Quality Custom Painting Services


What’s on the inside is just as important as what’s on the outside. Let our painters fill your space with color and life.


A city set on a hill is meant to be seen, It would be an honor to make your home shine brightly.

Millwork & Cabinetry

Details are important to us. Fine finishes that not only look good, but are silky smooth.

Color Consulting

Not sure what color works for you? We can help, we are the experts in color.

Painting a home is one thing, but doing it with care and precision is another. Not all paint jobs are created equal, which is why our clients have trusted us to paint their homes for nearly 40 years. See and feel the Ridings difference: We love homes well.

Our Process

Ridings Residential Inc.


Ridings Residential was birthed from a desire to provide expert painting services nearly 40 years ago. We have cut our teeth on this industry, and do business by:


Providing World Class Care


Being Honest and Gracious


Looking to go Above and Beyond


Seeking to Make People Happy

Since 1985

The Ridings Residential you see today was originally just a two-man painting team. Since our humble beginnings in 1985, we may have expanded and grown in bigger ways, but painting is still our bread and butter. Here are some of the reasons for why our painting services are more highly regarded today than ever before:

  • We Offer Precision, not Carelessness

  • Performed By Our Full Time Team

  • Trained, Time-Tested Professionals

  • Elegant Results, Ecstatic Clients

  • Sincere, Conscientious, Customer Care

  • Communication: Often & Always

  • Respectful Collaboration

  • Life-Changing Color, Beautiful Results

Ridings is here to help

In dealing with the finishing experts of Ridings Custom Painting, we start with the basic premise of, “What would you like us to do for you?” Do you need an elaborate color scheme which enhances your home’s sense of calm, or are you looking for a perfect blue for your little boy’s room? Perhaps you’ve noticed loose paint on the south side of your home, or have a deck finish that doesn’t seem to wear, or want a European fine finish on your old oak cabinets. Whatever your need, Ridings is here to help. Our decades of experience and thousands of accomplished jobs have provided us with the experience to successfully accomplish whatever you need.

Certified Design Services

Ridings Residential is uniquely equipped to assist you in designing your home. Whether you want to alter the mood of your house, or add a solid color design, or create a new interior design for your whole home, or even architecturally redesign your home’s front entry, Ridings is your preferred and experienced solution. Our interior design team, who are both highly trained and certified, will walk you step by step through the design process, whether it is for one room or your entire home. Navigating between current trends and timeless design is often a narrow path. Fortunately for you, we have walked that trail many times. You will find us attentive, patient, and highly resourceful. Design appointments made by reservation only – call today.

What I believe about the painting business

1.  Service is everything – this is what separates Ridings from everyone else. It is the aim of Ridings to make the total experience a “world-class service experience”.

2.  Always choose the best (most suitable) product for long term adhesion on each surface.

3.  Quality preparation equals long-term coating adhesion.

4.  We sell complete jobs ~ We do not sell coats (with very few exceptions).

5.  A high quality coating or construction proposal, does not have to be the most expensive, but rarely is it the least expensive.

6.  An average quality paint job should last ten or more years.

7.  The right colors are paramount ~ This is what the customer will see everyday.

8.  Paint each project with the long-term (future) in mind.

9.  All business dealing ought to be based upon a “win-win” relationship.

10.  Working together ought to be fun; both with team members and clients. We choose to Work with people we find synergy with; we look for a positive “connection”.

11.  Expect to do extra: Do not nickel and dime customers by charging for the little extras.

12.  Excellent service and quality craftsmanship – will be rewarded with an abundance of satisfied clients, high demand for our services and solid, and consistent profitability.

13.  As painting & construction professionals we understand that it is not enough to merely build our own business successfully, but to also contribute in building the painting industry into a more professional trade as a whole.

14.  Finally, I fully realize that I work for my clients and their satisfaction is our goal everyday, however even beyond that, I must answer to God as my highest authority in my life. It is God’s satisfaction that I work for ultimately, knowing that if I work to please my God that my clients will be more than pleased in the process. [Colossians 3:23]

Dean Ridings ~ owner ~ since 1985

Ridings Residential Inc.

FAQ’s: Custom Painting

How do I Choose the Right Color for My Project

Much has been written on how colors affect human moods. Warm reds and orange excite, cool blues and green relax and refresh, white denotes cleanliness, and dark colors deepen areas. One should keep factors like human moods in mind when painting.

Can I Paint Over Wallpaper?

We urge you to not paint over wallpaper for a variety of reasons, with all of them having to do with the fact that the overall quality of the painted surface will be poor.

Which Order Should I Paint the Walls, Ceiling, and Trim of the Room?

Though open to debate, once a room is primed for painting, a general order is usually followed: Ceilings first, walls second, trim last. Once the trim is installed and the edges caulked, the trim is primed and finish coated, making the trim last.

Can I Paint a Ceramic Wall Tile?

Vertical ceramic tile (non-floor) in an area not subjected to extreme moisture (for example around the shower) should first be cleaned to remove all contamination. You can use a mild household detergent for cleaning. Sand the surface to dull the finish (always wear a dust mask when sanding) then apply a coat of adhesion primer then follow with two coats of good quality latex paint.

What Paints are Most Durable?

Generally speaking, enamel-based and high-gloss paints are considered to be the most durable.

How do I Prep a Wall for Painting After Wallpaper has Been Removed?

1. Scrape off all loose and peeling paint from the surface and wash the walls to remove any glue residue.

2. If the drywall paper is damaged remove any loose paper and then use 80-120 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the area. This will feather the edges where the paper was removed.

3. Apply one coat of Drywall Conditioner to the damaged areas. This product seals the torn or broken area and provides a suitable base for drywall patching.

4. Allow 3 hours drying time before applying a skim coat, patching, new wallcovering, or primer to the surface.

If I Miscalculate and Need to Buy More Paint, Will the Color Match Exactly?

While every effort is made to ensure uniformity of color, the fact remains that paint products, tint products, and even tinting equipment, all operate within specified tolerance levels. This means that there is a possibility that cans of paint bought at different times may not match exactly.

Should I Use a Natural or Synthetic Paintbrush?

Making a decision about a brush comes down to the type of paint you'll be using:

  • Natural brushes are best for shellac-based paint and primer, oil-based paint, varnish, alkyd enamels, chalk and clay-based paints, milk paint, or stain.
  • Synthetic brushes perform best when applying water-based paints, primers, and wood finishes, acrylic paint, and gloss paints.